Tournament ADV "RU" Tournament - Grand Finals (won by Feliburn)


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Hosted by LpZ, BigFatMantis, & EllingtonReborn


Welcome to the first EVER ADV "RU" Tournament - a theoretical tier! Now that the ADV UU team has completed their Viability Rankings, it's clear there's plenty of ADV UU Pokemon that very rarely get used, and since ADV NU is pretty much a locked tier, the powers that be decided it might be fun to try a theoretical "RU" ADV tier with some of these mons and see how it plays out!

  • All games will be played in accordance with all standard ADV UU rules and clauses (this means Baton Pass is banned, Bright Powder is banned, etc.). Except...
  • Only UUs of C+/C/C-/UR Rank are allowed to be used (in addition to all NU pokemon being allowed). Ninjask and Fearow however are banned to prevent super-mega-hyper-overcentralization (trust me it was bad). A visual sample ripped from the UU VRs looks like this:
  • advruallowedmons.png
    /challenge gen3uu @@@ -Altaria, -Ampharos, -Arcanine, -Blastoise, -Clefable, -Cradily, -Electabuzz, -Electrode, -Fearow, -Feraligatr, -Gligar, -Golduck, -Golem, -Gorebyss, -Granbull, -Grumpig, -Hitmonlee, -Hitmontop, -Jumpluff, -Kangaskhan, -Lanturn, -Lunatone, -Manectric, -Misdreavus, -Muk, -Nidoking, -Nidoqueen, -Ninjask, -Omastar, -Pinsir, -Qwilfish, -Sandslash, -Scyther, -Slowking, -Solrock, -Tentacruel, -Vileplume, -Walrein, -Xatu
  • The tournament format will be Swiss for 3 weeks into Single Elimination Playoffs, with all players with 2 or more wins moving on to the playoffs stage
  • Players will be "seeded" after Swiss portion based on wins, so it's possible some players that went 3-0 will get a bye depending on number of signups. As such be sure to try to win as much as you can.
  • All series are in Best of 3 format
  • Any non-tourbanned players are allowed to sign up
  • All other standard Tournament Rules and Guidelines apply

Here are some teams that some players have made that you can use, although we encourage everyone to try building your own stuff for sure:

Timeline/Sign ups
  • Post "in" or "I love Camerupt" to join!
  • Signups are open for ONE WEEK ONLY and will close on August 27 @ 11:59 PM GMT-4
  • The Swiss portion of the tournament starts on August 28
  • All rounds will last 1 week each.
  • After 3 weeks, the Single Elimination Playoffs phase will start (September 17th)
  • Extensions can be requested and will be granted if both players agree to it

:rs/Camerupt: HAVE FUN EVERYONE! :rs/Sharpedo:
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